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What does purity have to do with healing? Our guest isn’t talking about a checklist to make one “holier than thou.” He’s sharing a much more fundamental spiritual concept of purity that supports better healing. Join us to hear more about this.
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This week’s Christian Science Sentinel print edition further discusses spiritual healing in the editorial Admit it. And we are reminded again that it is that God does the healing, not us, in the article Is that your job? The author was praying about a family issue and writes 

… when Christ Jesus was asked to settle a family dispute, he replied, “Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?” (Luke 12:14). I reasoned that if Jesus didn’t need to step in and mediate a quarrel, maybe I didn’t either.

… As I prayed to understand the true role of a peacemaker, I realized that it begins with understanding God as the creator and governor of all. Each of God’s children has a direct relationship to Him that is always intact, is never dysfunctional, and requires no mediator.

Join us to hear about gaining this higher spiritual view that helps us move beyond even the most challenging circumstances and relationships to spiritual health and wholeness.

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Below, we pass along information about free talks offered in our area. Please share these with anyone who might be interested.


Two opportunities to hear this free in person talk How Spiritual Perception Brings Healing

given by Alexandre Fischer, CS

May 18, noon

May 18, repeated at 7:30pm and live streamed at

Both are being held at Christian Science Church, 910 16th Street, Washington, DC. Sponsored by 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Washington, DC. Call 202.807.1877 for more information. 


Online replays of some recent talks


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Easter talk on Good Friday by Christie Hanzlik, CS

Available in English and Spanish  Sponsored by 3rd Church, NYC


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given by Lisa Troseth, CSB. Sponsored by the Williamsburg, VA Christian Science Church


Spanish replay of free talk Scientific prayer heals  La oración científica sana   

Given by Monica B. Esefer Passaglia, Practicista y Maestra de la Ciencia Cristiana, de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sponsored by Christian Science Church, Rockville, MD


Listen to several other lectures available online, given by members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.



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